Tuesday, September 22, 2009

A busy time

I am sorry for not blogging for so long. Since July I have been to England, Sydney, New Zealand, Singapore and, albeit only for a few days, Adelaide on coaching visits.
Currently I am in Singapore for the second of two weeks working with some quite talented spinners.
From next week my ECB program commences in Adelaide with two coaches attending for 10 days followed by two coaches and two very talented young leg spinners for a further 12 days, so October is also a very busy time for me.
I have been receiving quite a number of requests for coaching tips from all around the world which, because of my busy schedule I have not been able to respond to.
My intention is to answer as many of these queries as possible on this blog site so the information will be available to all and not just a few.
Please stay tuned as I will enlarge on my visits to England and New Zealand in the next few days.
After my return to Adelaide on the 28th September expect Singapore to also feature.
On the 8th of September I celebrated my 65th birthday with 40 special friends. The aches and pains commenced the following day!!!
That is what age does for/to you.