Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Home Again

Arrived home at Brighton again yesterday, this time we are hoping i don't have to return to hospital, whilst i'm not really ready for visitors at the moment i do look forward soon to catching up with some of you.

I have a long and slow recovery period ahead of me, such are the vagaries of heart failure. initially this was a bit tough following the 2 months in Harefield Hospital -England
I spent the past week in flinders hosptial and they looked after me extremely well. Again can i thank all of you for your best wishes via the blog, email, cards and letters. I will come back to you all soon.

I wouldnt be here if it hadnt been for Ann.


Thursday, July 1, 2010


Unfortunately Terry has been readmitted to hospital. After a couple of days at home he again became short of breath as a result of fluid building up in the lungs. Doctors have this back under control and we hope he will be home again in the not too distant future. We appreciate lots of you would like to catch up but again we ask for patience. He is in good spirits but tires very easily. Seeing Trudi and Ashlea this week has brought a smile to his face so lets hope this continues.