Sunday, December 26, 2010

Seasons Greetings

2010 is nearly over and I have to say I will be glad to see the back of it. We don't know if 2011 will be much better but it surely cannot be much worse.
Having said that, there are many things to be grateful for over the past year. Our children were married, our business prospered, our friends and family provided love and care, our friends rallied around us, Terry made it back to OZ, we have shared a family Christmas, and much more. It is so easy to dwell on what has been lost rather than how fortunate we have been.
Terry continues to follow the cricket and still manages a strong opinion on many aspects of the game. He very much enjoyed attending the Adelaide Test and is glued to the TV today. He is unable to do very much but having our granddaughter with him for the past 2 weeks has brought quite a twinkle to his eye.
We wish all of you the very best for 2011

Monday, November 29, 2010

TJ Walkabout

TJ Walkabout was held on Saturday - a walk from The Oval to Lord's - in dreadful weather conditions. Only a few people braved the elements but those present enjoyed their day. Money raised from sponsorship is shared between Terry and the Brian Johnston Memorial Trust and we thank all who supported the cause. Special thanks to the Brookes family for all their hard work and to John Fingleton (Fingers) for his excellent fundraising effort.
This week also saw the passing of Terry's Mum. She was 92 and lived a full life. Sadly we were unable to travel to Perth for the funeral so we held a memorial service in our garden with friends and family. It gave Terry a chance to say goodbye.
The Adelaide Test starts this week and Terry is determined to attend a few of the days albeit only part days. His health continues to be poor although some days are better than others. He tires after only the most minimal excercise - a walk to another room can leave him breathless.
Most days are spent with a little activity between naps.
Another close friend of ours, Peter Johnson (Grumpy) is very unwell and currently in hospital.
What a year 2010 has been! Can't wait to see what 2011 brings.

Monday, October 25, 2010

TJ Testimonial

On Thursday 21st October a dinner was held in Terry's honour. It was a fantastic evening and Terry managed to last the distance. At the end of the evening he was able to take the stage and thank people, even managing to crack a few jokes.
So many people contributed to the success of the evening and we cannot name them all here but it would be remiss of us not to mention Carol & Ian Berry for their outstanding effort in pulling the evening together and following up after the event - the group who drove the idea, Bob Foord, Bernie Lange, Jenny Hurley and David Shipway - those loyal and caring people who staffed the evening, Monique, Allan, Wendy, Vik, Carol, Ian and Shelley.
Speakers included Shane Warne, Doug Walters, Ian Chappell, Dan Cullen, Cullen Bailey and the evening emcee was Peter Walsh.
The auctions were well supported and many of the items were donated by friends and colleagues - we thank them all.
Of course the evening was a success in part due to the support from those who attended and it is impossible to name everyone - you know who you are and we appreciate your care.
Terry has pulled up pretty well considering the huge physical and emotional effort it took for him to attend - he is stubborn and was determined to be there. He is very tired but delighted and humbled that so many people care for him.
We are now enjoying a few days with our children and granddaughter, trying to get back to as close to normality as we can.
To everyone who assisted or sent their wishes - THANK YOU - It means the world to us.

Friday, October 15, 2010


Terry had the ICD fitted on Wednesday and it was a successful procedure. He is at home and although a little sore he is doing well.

His Testimonial Dinner is happening next week so we are trying to have a quiet lead up to allow him to build his energy. Hopefully he will last the whole evening.
We have our children and grandaughter coming down next week and we are very much looking forward to seeing them.
Thank you for the calls and letters of support, they are appreciated

Thursday, September 30, 2010

TJ Walkabout

Terry remains at home and is doing reasonably well. He is unable to take part in much activity but is enjoying catching up with friends and family.
A group of people in the UK have joined forces with the Brian Johnston Foundation and the ECB to run a fundraising event in November.
Details are available by emailing
or if you just wish to donate to the cause please use
I did try to put the flyer on here but am not so technically adept!!!
On the 13th Oct Terry is having an ICD (pacemaker/defrib) put in. This and the drug therapy are the only available options.
All in all it is good to be home but every day remains a challenge.
Thank you to all who have given us so much support and care

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Home Again

Arrived home at Brighton again yesterday, this time we are hoping i don't have to return to hospital, whilst i'm not really ready for visitors at the moment i do look forward soon to catching up with some of you.

I have a long and slow recovery period ahead of me, such are the vagaries of heart failure. initially this was a bit tough following the 2 months in Harefield Hospital -England
I spent the past week in flinders hosptial and they looked after me extremely well. Again can i thank all of you for your best wishes via the blog, email, cards and letters. I will come back to you all soon.

I wouldnt be here if it hadnt been for Ann.


Thursday, July 1, 2010


Unfortunately Terry has been readmitted to hospital. After a couple of days at home he again became short of breath as a result of fluid building up in the lungs. Doctors have this back under control and we hope he will be home again in the not too distant future. We appreciate lots of you would like to catch up but again we ask for patience. He is in good spirits but tires very easily. Seeing Trudi and Ashlea this week has brought a smile to his face so lets hope this continues.

Sunday, June 27, 2010


We have finally arrived home. Terry travelled with Dr David Cooper from International SOS and he was terrific. It is a lousy trip in any circumstance let alone when you are unwell. He is very tired but pleased to be back in Oz. It will be a while before he is up to visitors so please be patient.
To everyone who supported us through our time in the UK we want to say thank you. There are too many people to name but you know who you are and we are truly grateful.
I will continue to post blogs a little longer until such time as Terry feels up to it.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Coming home

Terry has been cleared to fly home after Monday. We now await International SOS and hope to be back in a week or two. We are not looking forward to the trip but are very keen to be back home.
Terry continues to do a little walking and twice a week has rehab.
We cannot express how grateful we are to the staff of Harefield but will be very happy to stop our visits there!!!
Hopefully there will only be one more blog from England and then back to an Aussie one.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Me again!

Terry has been out of hospital for 10 days. He is not up to writing blogs yet but is managing reasonably well. We visit the consultant again this week on Wednesday and hopefully will have more info re our return.
Every day is a challenge. He is able to walk a little and is eating quite well now. He is so skinny he needs to eat up and regain some strength. Seems funny that I eat more than him given his long term love affair with food!!!
Our little cottage is working out well and we have found a lovely driver for our trips to Harefield 3 days a week. 2 days are for rehab and 1 for an appointment. His daily drug taking is massive and this too can knock him about a bit.
All in all he is doing OK and we hope to be home sooner rather than later.

Friday, June 4, 2010


Terry has been discharged from hospital today. We have moved into our little cottage and are settling in. He has another appointment next week and hopefully we will be home toward the end of June.
The next blog you get will see a return of his creative writing, so this is hopefully my last effort.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Another day- another plan

It has been decided that Terry does not need live in rehab only Cardio rehab. He has an appointment with the Consultant on Wednesday at which time we expect him to be discharged. I have found a self contained bungalow for us to rent (through a lovely nurse) and we hope to be there Thursday. Terry will then do 3 days a week at Harefield. We do not know how long it will be before he can fly home but fingers crossed it won't be too long.
He is walking more and can almost shower himself. We will be trying stairs with the physio on Tuesday. He has had a Cardio Rehab Assessment but we do not know how much he will be able to do as yet.
The weather here has gone from absolute winter to lovely summer and back again in the almost 8 weeks we have been here and he has not noticed any of it!!
Hope Oz can turn on abit brighter front.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010


In the next few days Terry will be transferred to another hospital for some intensive rehab. Following this he will start outpatient Cardio Rehab back at Harefield.
It is fantastic that he is able to move to the next step. We still have a very long way to go before he can travel home, but if all goes without a hitch, early August looks good.
The fact that the Doctors and Nurses at Harefield have brought him this far is a mammoth achievement.
Fingers crossed it is smooth sailing from here

Friday, May 21, 2010


Terry has improved greatly in the past few days. The fluid is now off the legs leaving ankles and feet to go. He is feeling much brighter and walked the furthest he has gone today. This does not mean he is well again but it is heading the right way. Friday will see the removal of the final infusion and a move to all oral medication. It seems to be in balance at the moment so lets hope it stays that way.
It will still be a long time before he would be able to come home and still quite a long time in hospital assuming he continues to improve.
It is encouraging to see him a bit brighter given what he has been through over the past 6 weeks. Doctors, nurses and staff continue to work hard to get him up and running. They are doing a sensatiuonal job.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Slow progress

Terry has had 3 good days in a row. The fluid is off the lungs so his breathing is easier although the legs are still very full. Over the next couple of days he will come off the diuretic infusion and start oral diuretics. We will have to wait and see how this goes. It is very much a case of getting the drugs balanced as they all interact. Still, it has been nice to see him a bit more comfortable than he has been.
As you can see the message board is fixed. He loves all the comments and cards he receives so thank you.
Progress will be very slow but we are on the right path.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Get well messages

We are very sorry that the system which allows you to post messages for TJ is under repair. We hope it is fixed soon. Please be patient.
Best wishes

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Start again

Terry is moving back to the High Dependency Unit where he has spent most of his time. His kidneys are back on track and we now begin the drug regime again. Infection is much improved and he is feeling a little brighter.
Could I please ask again that you do not send cards or phone the hospital. He cannot have the cards although I tell him about them and show them to him. The staff are very busy and cannot answer any questions. Please use the blog if you wish to send a message or send cards to the address given in earlier blog. Thanks.
I will update again shortly when we see what the next step is.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Best Laid Plans.....

After having two good days it would be reasonable to say we were looking forward and planning the next steps. Unfortunately this was scuttled by a relapse in Terry's condition. Yesterday his kidneys were not functioning properly which results in fluid in the lungs. This caused him to be in a very distressed state and he was returned to Intensive Care for treatment.
When I left him last night he was stable, comfortable and having a much needed sleep.
Each day is different and although we know this will be a very slow process, it is disturbing to take the backward steps.
Thank you again for all your prayers and good wishes. He still very much enjoys and needs them.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Terry in hospital

As you can see, Terry had a good day yesterday. He almost looks like TJ of old but that is not the whole picture. Still struggling but did enjoy a day of respite. Enjoys hearing about messages he receives and I tempt him daily to eat things. This is a slow process. Terry will not be up and racing for quite a time but I do think we are ever so slowly winning the battle.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Get Well messages

It appears our Get Well message board is limited to 50 messages, so if you have left a message since it hit number 50 , I'm very sorry, but it has not been recorded.
We've put a new one up there now so please leave your message again.
Terry loves getting them!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

another day

Terry continues his extremely slow progress. I know many people think he is well on the way to being TJ but the reality is he is a long way from there.
His heart is operating at 1/5 (20%) capacity which causes backwash to the lungs. This is the fluid that doctors are trying to remove. It is coming off slowly. He struggles to eat and so is quite weak and is regularly very short of breath.
He has walked a few times and although this is very difficult he has managed it.
All the good wishes he receives boost him and we remain grateful for your concern.
Will keep you posted

Monday, April 26, 2010

Brighter news

Over the past couple of days Terry has improved. The fluid is slowly diminishing and he is feeling a little better. There is still a long way to go.
Some of you have expressed a wish to send a card. If you would like to please forward c/-
190 Elsenham Street, Southfields, SW185NR, England.
Visitors are still off the agenda as are flowers or gifts.
We took Terry outside for a short time on Saturday and he really enjoyed the bit of sunshine.
Quality of care remains excellent.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Latest on TJ

Unfortunately the news is not as good as we would like at the moment. Terry has had a bit of a setback with his lungs holding fluid. Doctors are doing everything possible to remove this which will assist in his breathing. He is currently very short of breath. At the moment he is stable and although we are impatient his recovery is a very slow process.
We do appreciate all your thoughts and emails and I apologise that I am unable to respond directly and answer your questions. I simply do not have enough time. Each day I give him an update on your messages and he is grateful for the care.
I cannot say often enough how good the staff of the hospital are. Not only technically but also compassionately. People often complain about hospitals but we are certainly not unhappy with the service.

Sunday, April 18, 2010


My apologies for the delay in an update on Terrys condition. Things are quite hectic here.
Unfortunately Terrys recovery from the heart attack has not been plain sailing. He developed an infection, which is slowly responding to drugs and has an issue with fluid in the lung.
Diabetes is adding yet another complication.
Good news is he is responding to the treatment albeit slowly.
He remains in high care and cannot have visitors, card etc so here is the best place to leave your messages.
He really appreciates all the care and concern you have shown however he really needs time for his body to heal before he greets the world again
The hospital staff are nothing less than sensational. We could not ask for better doctors or nursing staff and are very grateful for all they are doing.
I will attempt to post an occassional update and thank you for your patience.

Thursday, April 8, 2010


As Terry cannot be reached by phone or visits, we have placed a space for you to send a message if you would like to.
He will get the messages as soon as he is able and I am sure he will appreciate your thoughts.

Good wishes

As many are aware, Terry recently suffered a heart attack whilst in the UK. His condition is stable and we are confident things will be well. He is unable to receive either visitors or phone calls so we would appreciate your patience.
Terry has expressed concern for those who were to attend his spin clinics and apologises for the inconvenience this may have created for you.
We have been inundated with good wishes from people all over the world and would like to say thank you, we really appreciate the care and concern.
I am sure Terry will post a blog as soon as he is able.
Again, thank you to all

Saturday, March 20, 2010


Over Easter I head to the UK for a brief period to conduct some Spin Doctor Clinics.

Dates and venues currently in place are as follows:

April 10-11...... Leeds ( yet to find a suitable venue)

April 12-13......Wimbledon (Kings College Wimbledon)

April 14-15.....Essex (Writtle Indoor Cricket Centre)

I can't head across before Easter as my daughter is being married on 28th March and I must be home on the 17th as Ann and our two friends Ian and Carol Berry are taking a trip up through the middle of Australia.

It would have been easy to delay the clinics until July/ August except some of my loyal followers requested the clinics and I couldn't let any of them down.

So, that is 2010 thus far.

Next time I blog I will give a few coaching tips based on the enquiries I receive.

Around the world

Prior to Mumbai, I spent 3 weeks in Pretoria and 10 days in Zimbabwe.
The Pretoria camp was most enjoyable. Working for the ECB has always been that way for me.
The squad of cricketers was made up of 6 spinners, 6 pace bowlers, 6 batsmen and 4 wicketkeepers.
Peter Such and I were responsible for the spinners and working with Suchy was a good experience. We are sufficiently different in personality but on the same wave length as spin coaches for the boys to get the same message told in a way that they should understand.
At the end of the three weeks in Pretoria I spent a couple of days in Jo'burg chilling out before heading to Harare and Bulawayo.
The chilling out was special as I was able to catch up with my old mate (met him in 97) Harry Shapiro and enjoy a meal with him and his wife Ruth.
For those who have Harry's e-mail address, Wednesday 25th March is his 70th birthday. He still runs virtually every day and maintains his passion for coaching cricket, including spin bowling.
Okay, Harare and Bulawayo presented me with another of those experiences one never forgets.
To say I didn't know what to expect would be an understatement.
Such was the experience, the welcoming way I was treated by players, coaches, administrators, staff and people in general that I hope an opportunity comes for me to return sometime soon.
The standard of pitches in both cities was very good...something I didn't expect.
So, it came as something of a shock to me when I heard New Zealand pulled out of their upcoming tour to Zimbabwe. I am unsure of the actual reason for their action.
It certainly isn't what the Zimbabwian players and coaches need at this vital stage of their redevelopment.
Personally I hope there are no more setbacks as they work toward re entering the big arena.

Back in Town

It is obvious I am a slow typist as I have tried unsuccessfully to get behind the computer with at least one update this year. I am however there now.
Last Monday I returned from a week in Mumbai where I spent time with my mate Shane Warne and the Rajahastan Royals.
To say I was well looked after during my stay would be understating the generosity of the management and coaching staff of the Royals.
Thanks to them I attended the opening night/game in an upmarket corporate area, having travelled to the venue by boat.
The crowd participation is unbelievable. So much noise and loud music it was like being at a disco...and at my age I don't attend disco's!!
I also attended the Royals first match where I was located with the players.
It wasn't a good result for Warnie's boys losing to Tendulkar's Mumbai Indians by 4 runs. The Royals were completely outplayed and were it not for Yusuf Pathan scoring a magnificent 100 in 37 balls, the loss would have been a large one.
It was a bit like old times, working with Shane in the nets. I also worked with a couple of legspinners attached to the Royals squad and that was most enjoyable as they were both very responsive.
One thing that came to me during the time there was the fact that 20/20 cricket is no doubt the only form of the game which allows, even encourages, spinners to be hit. Of course everyone gets slogged so spinners are no exception.
It is not the place for spinners to learn their craft but it is certainly the place for experienced spinners who know how to vary their pace and flight.
As I write the Royals have yet to win a game having lost three out of three.
They will need to find some batsmen if they are to turn that form around.
Ladies and Gentlemen, if you get a chance to attend the IPL for a week or two, don't miss the opportunity.