Monday, October 25, 2010

TJ Testimonial

On Thursday 21st October a dinner was held in Terry's honour. It was a fantastic evening and Terry managed to last the distance. At the end of the evening he was able to take the stage and thank people, even managing to crack a few jokes.
So many people contributed to the success of the evening and we cannot name them all here but it would be remiss of us not to mention Carol & Ian Berry for their outstanding effort in pulling the evening together and following up after the event - the group who drove the idea, Bob Foord, Bernie Lange, Jenny Hurley and David Shipway - those loyal and caring people who staffed the evening, Monique, Allan, Wendy, Vik, Carol, Ian and Shelley.
Speakers included Shane Warne, Doug Walters, Ian Chappell, Dan Cullen, Cullen Bailey and the evening emcee was Peter Walsh.
The auctions were well supported and many of the items were donated by friends and colleagues - we thank them all.
Of course the evening was a success in part due to the support from those who attended and it is impossible to name everyone - you know who you are and we appreciate your care.
Terry has pulled up pretty well considering the huge physical and emotional effort it took for him to attend - he is stubborn and was determined to be there. He is very tired but delighted and humbled that so many people care for him.
We are now enjoying a few days with our children and granddaughter, trying to get back to as close to normality as we can.
To everyone who assisted or sent their wishes - THANK YOU - It means the world to us.

Friday, October 15, 2010


Terry had the ICD fitted on Wednesday and it was a successful procedure. He is at home and although a little sore he is doing well.

His Testimonial Dinner is happening next week so we are trying to have a quiet lead up to allow him to build his energy. Hopefully he will last the whole evening.
We have our children and grandaughter coming down next week and we are very much looking forward to seeing them.
Thank you for the calls and letters of support, they are appreciated