Sunday, June 5, 2011

The last time

This will be the last time I give an update for Terry.

His funeral was held at the Adelaide Oval on the 31st May at 5pm. The oval looked spectacular and he would have been very proud to see the way the SACA paid tribute to him. He would also have been surprised at how many people attended to say farewell - he always doubted whether many people would come to his funeral.

Individual tributes by his daughter Trudianne, best friend Ian Berry, Surrogate sons Shane Warne and Cullen Bailey along with farewells from his sister (read by his niece) and myself said it all. He was loved and will be missed.

A private cremation took place the following day.

To all who attended, sent condolences, cards and flowers our family would like to say thank you.
For all who donated to Cando4kids in Terry's name - thank you.
The support we have received from family, friends, the medical profession and total strangers has been amazing - thank you

Terry's legacy to spin bowling will live on in all the young spinners and coaches he had the privilege to work with. I am sure you will make him proud.

Thank you again
Ann, Damian, Trudianne and Ashlea

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Goodbye TJ

Terry passed away peacefully today just a month and a half after the anniversary of his heart attack.

He wanted to be at home with his family and we were able to share the last few days with him.

For the past year I have continuously expressed our thanks for all the support we have had and say again we really have appreciated all the care and concern.

At this time we really need to spend time as a family and would appreciate being given that time.

Terry's funeral will be held at the Adelaide Oval and details will be advised in the Advertiser shortly.

Many people will miss him and the world will not be the same now he has gone but it many ways it will be a better thing for him.

Thank you again for your love and care


Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Life goes on

The days go on basically unchanged. Terry continues to catch up with friends and family but is restricted to short visits with gaps in between. He spends lots of time asleep. Over the past month or so he has had time with his daughter granddaughter and sister and has enjoyed this immensely. We try to get out occasionally but it is a very big effort for him.
I know everyone wants regular updates but there is little for me to report. Friends continue to support us with jobs around the house and providing moral support.
The sun comes up every day and we take it as it comes.
Will report any changes

Saturday, January 1, 2011

2010 is over

Happy New Year to all.
I am so pleased to see the back of 2010. Although the year started well it went downhill pretty quickly for us and did not improve. It was a year I never want to repeat. Looking back at all that happened during the year in our lives and that of our friends and family, it is amazing we have remained relatively sane.
2011 does not hold a lot of promise at this stage but you never know what tomorrow will bring so I hang on to the fact that the sun will come up tomorrow regardless of what is happening in my world.
We were fortunate to share Christmas with our family and brought the New Year in with our amazing friends, Carol and Ian. I even managed to stay up!!! We watched the Tattoo on TV and reminisced about the time we went to Edinburgh and the tattoo. Not very exciting if you are young but a lovely time for us.
Terry continues to work through each day, catnapping, watching Tv and occasionally taking a trip to the shops. He struggles with most simple tasks but is very determined when he decides he wants to do something. Unfortunately the body does not always respond as he would like.
He stayed up to greet the New Year and enjoyed a glass of TJ Spin Doctor red. Might sleep a bit today.
Anyway, best wishes to all for the coming year and many thanks for your support during 2010.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Seasons Greetings

2010 is nearly over and I have to say I will be glad to see the back of it. We don't know if 2011 will be much better but it surely cannot be much worse.
Having said that, there are many things to be grateful for over the past year. Our children were married, our business prospered, our friends and family provided love and care, our friends rallied around us, Terry made it back to OZ, we have shared a family Christmas, and much more. It is so easy to dwell on what has been lost rather than how fortunate we have been.
Terry continues to follow the cricket and still manages a strong opinion on many aspects of the game. He very much enjoyed attending the Adelaide Test and is glued to the TV today. He is unable to do very much but having our granddaughter with him for the past 2 weeks has brought quite a twinkle to his eye.
We wish all of you the very best for 2011

Monday, November 29, 2010

TJ Walkabout

TJ Walkabout was held on Saturday - a walk from The Oval to Lord's - in dreadful weather conditions. Only a few people braved the elements but those present enjoyed their day. Money raised from sponsorship is shared between Terry and the Brian Johnston Memorial Trust and we thank all who supported the cause. Special thanks to the Brookes family for all their hard work and to John Fingleton (Fingers) for his excellent fundraising effort.
This week also saw the passing of Terry's Mum. She was 92 and lived a full life. Sadly we were unable to travel to Perth for the funeral so we held a memorial service in our garden with friends and family. It gave Terry a chance to say goodbye.
The Adelaide Test starts this week and Terry is determined to attend a few of the days albeit only part days. His health continues to be poor although some days are better than others. He tires after only the most minimal excercise - a walk to another room can leave him breathless.
Most days are spent with a little activity between naps.
Another close friend of ours, Peter Johnson (Grumpy) is very unwell and currently in hospital.
What a year 2010 has been! Can't wait to see what 2011 brings.

Monday, October 25, 2010

TJ Testimonial

On Thursday 21st October a dinner was held in Terry's honour. It was a fantastic evening and Terry managed to last the distance. At the end of the evening he was able to take the stage and thank people, even managing to crack a few jokes.
So many people contributed to the success of the evening and we cannot name them all here but it would be remiss of us not to mention Carol & Ian Berry for their outstanding effort in pulling the evening together and following up after the event - the group who drove the idea, Bob Foord, Bernie Lange, Jenny Hurley and David Shipway - those loyal and caring people who staffed the evening, Monique, Allan, Wendy, Vik, Carol, Ian and Shelley.
Speakers included Shane Warne, Doug Walters, Ian Chappell, Dan Cullen, Cullen Bailey and the evening emcee was Peter Walsh.
The auctions were well supported and many of the items were donated by friends and colleagues - we thank them all.
Of course the evening was a success in part due to the support from those who attended and it is impossible to name everyone - you know who you are and we appreciate your care.
Terry has pulled up pretty well considering the huge physical and emotional effort it took for him to attend - he is stubborn and was determined to be there. He is very tired but delighted and humbled that so many people care for him.
We are now enjoying a few days with our children and granddaughter, trying to get back to as close to normality as we can.
To everyone who assisted or sent their wishes - THANK YOU - It means the world to us.