Saturday, January 1, 2011

2010 is over

Happy New Year to all.
I am so pleased to see the back of 2010. Although the year started well it went downhill pretty quickly for us and did not improve. It was a year I never want to repeat. Looking back at all that happened during the year in our lives and that of our friends and family, it is amazing we have remained relatively sane.
2011 does not hold a lot of promise at this stage but you never know what tomorrow will bring so I hang on to the fact that the sun will come up tomorrow regardless of what is happening in my world.
We were fortunate to share Christmas with our family and brought the New Year in with our amazing friends, Carol and Ian. I even managed to stay up!!! We watched the Tattoo on TV and reminisced about the time we went to Edinburgh and the tattoo. Not very exciting if you are young but a lovely time for us.
Terry continues to work through each day, catnapping, watching Tv and occasionally taking a trip to the shops. He struggles with most simple tasks but is very determined when he decides he wants to do something. Unfortunately the body does not always respond as he would like.
He stayed up to greet the New Year and enjoyed a glass of TJ Spin Doctor red. Might sleep a bit today.
Anyway, best wishes to all for the coming year and many thanks for your support during 2010.