Sunday, July 13, 2008

It all started when....

Today is July 13th and it is not a Friday. Although one could be excused for thinking it is.
Let me take you through my day so far. I set the alarm for 4.15am to be up in time to shower, dress and catch a 4.45am cab to the airport in time to board my 6am flight to Chennai via Sydney and Mumbai.
TeBe our cocker spaniel woke me around 12.30am seeking treats and a visit to the toilet. That was it for me because from that moment on I stayed awake for fear I would sleep through the alarm.
Having packed the night before it was a breeze once I showered. I had purchased a new zip up top to wear on the plane and again in England, later in my trip.
That was my second mishap. (TeBe waking me the first). The zip was broken and non functional. Trust us boys not to look at these things when we make a purchase.
The taxi arrived early, which was a positive. Then I managed an up grade using points. Another positive!
Arrived into Sydney on time and caught the bus to the International terminal. There was only 40 minutes between the arrival of the domestic flight and boarding time for Mumbai but we looked good.
Not such a bad day afterall, I thought. Then it all changed.
I had forgotten the different liquids rules between Domestic and International. Stupid me had two magnificent bottles of red wine as a gift for my friend Victor in Chennai. They were confiscated and will next surface at the Airport Security booze up!
As you might imagine I was pretty disappointed with them even though they were enforcing the rules. Less than a minute later a lady tapped me on the shoulder with a passport and boarding pass in her hand. They were mine! Losing the two bottles of red had obviously created a state of shock because the documents were previously in my hand!!
Duty free beckoned to replace the wine and I snapped up a special deal on two bottles of Chivas Regal before seeking out the departure gate. As I was doing that an announcement came over the air telling us of a gate change for the Mumbai flight. A few seconds later it was announced that there would be a two hour delay due to "engineering".
Damn! I will miss my connection between Mumbai and Chennai, I mumbled to myself. Within half an hour a further two hours was added to our delay due to "engineering".
Now I definitely won't make the connection.
We want our plane safe so we cop these delays when we are hit with them. I took the time to write this blog during the delay and until the next announcement, (cynical) there is still two hours of waiting.
The amazing thing is that there are ten aircraft delayed for "engineering" as I write. It doesn't give the hopes much of a lift when the very next announcement is calling for the passengers on the flight to Singapore delayed from YESTERDAY to board!!
Hope I make it to Chennai in time to start my weeks coaching on Tuesday!