Sunday, September 21, 2008

Warne 'uncomplicated'

It is hard to believe it is a month since last recording a message. Mind you it has been very hectic with our time in Oslo, Copenhagen, Stockholm, Helsinki and Berlin. Ann and I arrived home in Adelaide on the 9th September and on the 10th it was up at 4,30am and off to Brisbane for a National Spin Camp from 10th to 12th inclusive. It was great to have young spinners such as Nathan Hauritz, Dan Cullen, Cullen Bailey, Aaron Heal and Steve Smith attend the sessions held at Allan Border Field. What a great facility that is.
Coaches from interstate including Ray Bright and Murray Bennett joined John Davison and me in offering advice to the spinners.
No doubt the hilight for the boys (and the coaches) came on the 12th when we were joined by Shane Warne for most of the day.
Shane spent time in the nets and in discussion groups. Every thing he spoke about was commonsense. It was also simple and non elitist.
We all hung onto every word and I can tell you my coaching will be improved with the addition of some of Shane's "pearls".
Following the clinic it was back to Adelaide for a rest on Saturday before again rising at 4.30 am to head to Hobart for 3 days coaching.
The flight between Melbourne and Hobart was the roughest I can recall. We sat in thick cloud during descent which was unsettling but when the plane dropped, lurching from side to side in the process my stomach began to feel queezy. Luckily there were 2 bags in the seat pocket and no one sitting next to me!
As we left the plane I offered the bags to the steward who politely pointed to the toilet saying "it was pretty rough, wasn't it?"
I spent the day recovering and began my coaching stint on Monday, feeling a lot better!
During the 3 days with Richard Allenby I attended a senior net session and was able to congratulate Jason Krajza upon his selection in the Australian team to tour India. Unfortunately for Jason his A team tour to India was spoiled by rain and he never got to bowl a ball in the middle. He looked in good shape and was bowling well.
On Monday night I presented the Spin Matrix to Tasmanian coaches in Hobart to complete my day, having also worked with 8 or 9 young spinners in the indoor nets earlier.
Tuesday it was on to Launceston where my first session was with young leg spinner Jason Shelton. There is a lot to like about his bowling and I get the feeling he will be a late bloomer. Keep your eye on the sports pages in a couple of years from now!!
A session with a few young spinners followed and amongst the group was a little red headed kid. What improvement he has made during the past couple of years. When I first saw him he bowled with his front foot off the ground at release. I have found that problem one of the most difficult to eradicate from an action. "Blue", as I called him, has not only got his front foot on the ground at release but he is bowling up and over his front leg and generating very good spin combined with nice shape. He is a determined young lad. Pity all the kids aren't the same.
Another Spin Matrix session followed in the evening for local coaches followed by a longish drive back to Hobart. The Wednesday was occupied watching a trial game between the Tassie Tigers players. Instead of being a "nothing" trial, coach Tim Coyle and his selection panel chose a country versus city concept and played for a trophy and bragging rights!
There is a good feel in Tassie.
So, as you can read I have been pretty busy but am home in Adelaide for a while now so the blogging should become more plentiful.
In fact in the next day or so I will write something on Bryce McGain, Jason Krazja and the two spinners they seem to have slipped past, Dan Cullen and Cullen Bailey.
Stay tuned.