Sunday, June 1, 2008

mum's 90th/ coaching around Australia

I was very fortunate this past week to combine business with pleasure. On Tuesday 27th my mother, Queenie turned 90. What a milestone. Would you believe we went to Kentucky Fried Chicken where she enjoyed a drumstick and a couple of chips followed by a cup of tea.
Mum is very tired now and wishes to rest most of the time which is a far cry from the 80year who went to South Africa and spent a couple of days at Kruger Safari Park pacing it with the young ones. She was still playing competitive bowls into her early 80's until a couple of small strokes slowed her down. I looked at her having yet another nap and thought just how many changes she has witnessed since arriving in Australia as a 6 year old in 1924. The mind boggles!
The business side of the trip to Perth involved presenting my spin program to WACA coaches and approximately 65 young male and female spinners.
I was delighted to see quite a lot of spin in the groups but a little disappointed with the technical standard overall.
My National program continues with 2 days in Darwin followed by 3 days in Sydney, a weekend in Brisbane with the Australian Womens squad before returning to Adelaide for a 3 day clinic there.
Following a few days off it is on to Canberra for 2 days, Melbourne for 3 then Brisbane again for another weekend with the ladies followed by a week with some young male spinners.
My around Australia trip concludes on June 27th.
It is a lot of travel but the pleasure of working with the young Australian talent makes it worthwhile.