Friday, June 13, 2008

Where to for Stuart MacGill

If I was shocked when Stuart MacGill retired from Test Cricket during the current Australian tour of the West Indies then I was astonished when he announced he would like to represent New South Wales this coming summer.
MacGill has nothing to prove. More than 200 Test wickets speaks for itself.
So what is the point in going on?
He said it would have been more embarrassing for him to play in the 3rd Test in the Windies than the decision he made to pull the pin.
Does that mean he feels he can find improvement somehow between now and the start of the new season? Or does it mean that less than his best is good enough for Sheffield Shield cricket?
Stuart is a proud man so the answer to the latter must be no.
The bigger problem facing MacGill is the double whammy in the contract stakes.
Having retired from Australian cricket one assumes his 2008/9 contract has or will be withdrawn.
All states have finalised their contract lists so unless there is a special clause covering retired CA contracted players I don't think Cricket NSW can offer him one. I don't know that for a fact, it is more a guess on my part.
When the dust settles my guess is he will come to a decision that will suit all parties.
As I said earlier, he has nothing to prove so why play on?