Wednesday, April 29, 2009


I am sorry for not posting a blog for almost 3 months. I was quite shocked when I realised that fact. However, I am back on line and will again regularly provide items of interest.
A lot of you know already that on March 22nd I became a Grandad for the first time. My daughter Trudianne and her partner Damian provided Ann and me with a bouncing baby girl named Ashlea Sue. The excitement of the occasion took my mind away from all things until the arrival through out April of Asif, Saif, Rezza and Thomas for the Elite Wrist Spin Programme and Spin Doctor Clinics.
It was a very busy time until last Saturday when Thomas returned home to New Zealand.
You could say it was one of the most challenging months since beginning the live in Programmes in 1999. Why you ask? Because for the first time ever I cooked Halal for three of the boys.
It is not the first time we have welcomed Muslim boys into our home but in the past they have shared with non Halal boys which made it difficult. Now we have managed the challenge without too much trouble it will become a regular part of meals for those who require the special diet.
On a sad note we lost our special mate of more than 13 years. Our cocker spaniel, Te Be passed away on the 20th March, just two days before the arrival of our grand daughter.
Te Be was a friend to every spinner who spent time at our home. Even those who arrived with trepidation when faced by this bundle of joy. He always managed to win them over.
We still miss him so much.