Saturday, March 20, 2010

Back in Town

It is obvious I am a slow typist as I have tried unsuccessfully to get behind the computer with at least one update this year. I am however there now.
Last Monday I returned from a week in Mumbai where I spent time with my mate Shane Warne and the Rajahastan Royals.
To say I was well looked after during my stay would be understating the generosity of the management and coaching staff of the Royals.
Thanks to them I attended the opening night/game in an upmarket corporate area, having travelled to the venue by boat.
The crowd participation is unbelievable. So much noise and loud music it was like being at a disco...and at my age I don't attend disco's!!
I also attended the Royals first match where I was located with the players.
It wasn't a good result for Warnie's boys losing to Tendulkar's Mumbai Indians by 4 runs. The Royals were completely outplayed and were it not for Yusuf Pathan scoring a magnificent 100 in 37 balls, the loss would have been a large one.
It was a bit like old times, working with Shane in the nets. I also worked with a couple of legspinners attached to the Royals squad and that was most enjoyable as they were both very responsive.
One thing that came to me during the time there was the fact that 20/20 cricket is no doubt the only form of the game which allows, even encourages, spinners to be hit. Of course everyone gets slogged so spinners are no exception.
It is not the place for spinners to learn their craft but it is certainly the place for experienced spinners who know how to vary their pace and flight.
As I write the Royals have yet to win a game having lost three out of three.
They will need to find some batsmen if they are to turn that form around.
Ladies and Gentlemen, if you get a chance to attend the IPL for a week or two, don't miss the opportunity.